Professional Tattoo Artist since 2002, beginning my apprenticeship in 2001 as well as starting to build my career as a visual artist. Obtaining a bachelor's degree in Art Education, which led me to work as a muralist and graphic artist around Puerto Rico.

In 2006 I had the opportunity to open my first store of three that emerged until 2017. Unfortunately in 2017 Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico , which made me look for other options and experiences outside of my island. I was blessed to work in different tattoo shops in Florida for two years, which expanded my experience and knowledge. In 2019 looking to expand as a Tattoo Artist and work in a big city, I came to Chicago. Truly one of my best decisions as an artist.

I consider myself a versatile artist, tattooing a wide variety of style including but not limited to : black work , illustration , sketch , watercolor, fine line & black and grey. Strong and Solid work ethic as well a creative style. 

Getting a tattoo is a very important decision for life, for that reason I do my best with each piece and create a connection with each design that I build. Giving it the same value and meaning that the client is looking for.