✔︎Will I need to leave a deposit?

$250 (for each session )Non-refundable deposit to secure your appointment. This deposit will generally go toward your first session of tattooing, your artist will let you know their specific rules on deposits. If you do not show or cancel your tattoo appointment, the deposit is forfeited. 


✔︎Can I see the drawing before my tattoo date?

In most cases the answer is NO. Since I do primarily custom tattoos. There is always time for tweaks and changes before you start tattooing but I have run in to some problems giving out drawings ahead of time and find that it is better to go over the drawing in person at the time of the tattoo so I’m there to explain and interpret the “sketch” and how it will translate to a tattoo.


✔︎What is your cancellation policy?

We require 7 days notice for cancelling or rescheduling appointments. It is hard for us to get someone in your spot with less notice. Less than 7 days notice can result in the forfeiture of your deposit and future appointments . I understand that sometimes there are extenuating circumstances and we will do our best to accommodate any changes that need to be made as far as scheduling. The more notice you can give, the easier it will be for all involved parties. I truly appreciate your cooperation on this, please respect our time and we will do our best to respect yours as well.


✔︎What should I expect when I come in to get tattooed and what is expected of me?


Both the client and I should come prepared on the day of the tattoo. I will provide a nice, comfortable, relaxing and clean atmosphere for your tattoo experience. I should be on time, sober, clean, prepared and ready to tattoo. You should come, well fed, well rested, relaxed, clean, sober and on time. 

If you cannot make your appointment at all, please let me know as soon as possible. The more notice, the more likely they can fill your space. Your cooperation on this is appreciated.


✔︎I found a tattoo that I want, can you copy it exactly?

No, sorry, we do not replicate other artists’ work. I would be happy to take the concept of the tattoo you like and do something customized for you but we cannot copy.


✔︎Can I use a credit card?

Nope, sorry.  CASH ONLY or VENMO . We have several banks, all within ½ block of our shop for your convenience. 


✔︎Should I tip the artist?

Tipping is a really nice gesture and are always welcome and appreciated. But, there are not hard and fast rules for tipping so use your discretion and do what makes you comfortable. If you had a great experience and you are happy with a job well done, it never hurts to show it.


✔︎How much will my tattoo cost?

Unfortunately we cannot give you a price quote over the phone or via email. I can give you a ball park cost estimate at the time of your consultation but the actual cost will depend on how much time it takes to actually finish the tattoo.


✔︎Should I eat before I get tattooed?

Yes please! Eat plenty of protein and come well hydrated. Getting tattooed releases endorphins. On an empty stomach, these endorphins can lead to nausea. Light-headedness also can occur, so it is good to have your blood sugar up prior to getting tattooed.

✔︎Does it hurt?

Yes it hurts, some places hurt more than others . The pain can vary even within the same tattoo and over different sessions. The best way to manage the pain is to relax, take deep breaths and don’t fight it. The more relaxed you are, the more manageable the pain.