Please describe your tattoo idea in full detail.

* Email  photos that you would like to use for reference. These references   are important because they will allow  to properly visualize and design your new piece .


* Please  send photos of the location on your body where you would like the tattoo done and size you looking for.

* Images of other tattoos can be helpful for reference,  I not copy other artists designs or tattoos.

* It's  important to make sure that the piece  is a good match  before we can discuss available appointment dates and accept deposits.


Due to COVID-19 is limiting in-person consultations. As such, it is important that your submission includes all of the required topics, ideas, feelings , pics of my work that inspired.

* Once you have emailed  your tattoo ideas, the design will be thoroughly discussed by email and if necessary in person .

* At the beginning of your  appointment, I will have a final design(sketch) prepared that is directly based upon what was discussed and agreed upon via email in the consultation process.

*Final designs will not be sent prior to the appointment day.

* If any minor adjustments need to be made to the design(sketch), will be adjusted the day of the appointment.
Payments are due at the end of the session (cash).

* Deposit will be required at the time that your consultation process being $250.

*Deposits are non-refundable. The deposit reserve  your booking appointment date and will be applied to the final tattoo price.


* If you need to change the date of your appointment , you must let me know at least 2 weeks  prior to the appointment day. 

 * The tattoo session will usually start at 12:00 PM.

*Clients only.

* Make sure to be well rested before coming into the appointment day and eat  before. Feel free to bring snacks, headphones, books, tablet , ect.

* Make sure to wear comfortable clothing that helps with the tattooing process. 


Please be patient and I will reply to you as soon as I can. Looking forward to hearing from you soon,Thanks!

Tattoo Consultation Request